As part of our sustainability mission and our three Core Values where we believe JTRS can have the most significant impact, our second value is ‘Community’. Strong communities are a source of connection where participation is driven by common attitudes, values, and goals which is an essential factor in making any changes with your current environment.

JTRS understands that sustainability and preserving our Earth for future generations is a global crisis and affects everyone. By creating our Eco Action Community, we invite like-minded institutes and partners to be able to share their collective wisdom. This will be a key attribute towards the success of everyone's sustainable vision.


Our Eco Action Community is set up as an online platform, where anyone can join and share their sustainable journey. The platform will provide the community with the ability to exchange and share information with each other. By surrounding yourself with others, you will gain motivation and support to achieve your goals.

You will be able to read about other success stories from our customers and how they have achieved their respective visions as well as showcasing our 'Class Act Solutions' and how that has made a difference.

''Eco Action Community''
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Trusted Advisors

JTRS is actively taking a leading role in helping and educating our partners, businesses, schools and communities to achieve their own visions. Our Key Account Managers are there to advise, assist and recommend the best technical solutions for the customer, completely tailored to your individual needs.

As a leading education technology support company, JTRS provides technical solutions specialising in the Education sector with the simultaneous aims of delivering exemplary support. 


We also provide carbon positive solutions for customers looking to purchase equipment like our 'Class Act' subscription. As part of this subscription, we have calculated the carbon footprint for the entire life of the device from manufacturing, shipping and usage through to recycling at 'end of life'.

We will then offset the carbon footprint by investing in a number of initiatives around the world via our partner Ecologi.

'Class Act', our bespoke climate positive device subscription.


Our key account managers are there to advise and recommend all solutions when any IT equipment is coming to the end of its life and is ready to be recycled.

We utilise our relationships with multiple specialist Trade-In partners to ensure that the life cycle of the products is fully appreciated, providing a complete sustainability solution for our customers.

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Eco Action is JTRS' environmental plan,

to achieve Net Zero throughout the life cycle of our products, tech solutions

and business activities by 2035.

Join our Eco Action Community to be part of the change.